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Our commitment: to help you discover exceptional winemakers

There is an overabundance of wine estates to visit in Bordeaux.

Whether you're a wine enthusiast or simply curious to discover the Bordeaux vineyards (and fill your cellar! :-)), the choice isn't easy. And when a chateau finally catches your attention, it's all too common to find the door closed because the winemaker is off making deliveries or working in the vineyard!

Yet this is precisely the kind of winemaker we want to meet: the one who gets up early, takes care of his own vines, and works hard to produce a quality wine.

At Nabuco, we've decided to encourage and facilitate encounters between you and these great people.

Thanks to our simple and innovative solution to booking visits and tastings, you will not miss out on their beautiful stories and the secrets behind Nabuco wineries.

How does this work ?


We are looking for...

Our team explores the Bordeaux vineyards all year long in search of exceptional winemakers. While wine quality is an essential criterion, and a prerequisite for being selected by Nabuco, our experts also consider the human qualities of our winemakers to be of the utmost importance.

Colorful personalities, huge family epics, unusual journeys, unwavering commitment: these men and women of wine are driven by passion!


Discover !

At Nabuco, you'll uncover the fruits of our exploration: our selection of winemakers. With our search tools, you can select from several criteria to narrow your choices. After selecting a domain, all you need to do is book online (Free!), and you'll receive a confirmation from the winemaker by SMS and mail: they're waiting for you.

Meet at the vineyard, and enjoy!

Nabuco team

Based in Bordeaux, our team is made up of passionate people. Wine lovers from wine-growing families and savvy explorers, we take great pleasure in uncovering the hidden gems of our region for you!