Céline Vidal

Château Dubraud


Château Dubraud produit du vin rouge Château Dubraud produit du vin blanc sec Château Dubraud produit du vin blanc moelleux
Château Dubraud 33920 Saint-Christoly-de-Blaye

Why do we love it?

Chateau Dubraud isn't a property like all the rest. First of all, it's the story of a reconversion for Alain and Céline, who took over this winery in 1998. Since then, a lot of work and high standards have allowed them to make the wines of Chateau Dubraud ... Read more achieve the quality that they enjoy nowadays.

It's also a story of generosity and values, since together with other 3 families of vintners they created the variety called Jubilate, whose goal is to support charity work.

Lastly, as a point of originality, we will note that during the years that the climate conditions are suitable, Chateau Dubraud has produced... sweet white wine, which is very rare in Blayais.

A pleasant visit and a real learning experience are waiting for you at Chateau Dubraud.

General Information

Prix des vins : 7.00€ - 28.00€

Langues : French, English, German

Services : Parking, Toilets, Motorhome parking

Moyens de paiement : Credit card, Cash


Tour & Tasting
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20 people max.

Discover Château Dubraud. Full tour and tasting.

20 people max.

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